Email Marketing

I spent more than a year at an email marketing startup. During that time I became an expert at understanding and overcoming the challenges of reaching the inbox. I use those skills to help clients engage with subscribers. My email expertise can help you reach new audiences with list growth campaigns, build a loyal and engaged readership, and improve deliverabilty statistics like open rates and click through rates.

Client: Path Forward

Project: Weekly Newsletter

Path Forward’s email list is key to their business model and a primary form of communication with their participant database. As the primary content creator and curator for their newsletter,  I created engaging content that resonated with readers to keep them subscribed, particularly during the “off season.” Path Forward’s newsletters perform at 10% higher open rates and double the click through rates than the industry average.

Sample Newsletter

Client: Brooklyn Cattitude

Project: Welcome Email

A small business email welcome campaign educating first-time customers on the company’s polices and procedures.